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Last Updated: Nov 29, 2014

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Experience the sky without the dive. Simply strap in, take a few steps in the sand and lift off 150 to 600 feet into the air on a parasailing adventure over Costa Rica's pristine coastline. Enjoy spectacular panoramic views flying above the beach and ocean on a 15- to 30-minute ride before floating back down into the ocean where you'll unharness your parachute and wait for a boat or Jet Ski to pick you up.

Soar above the golden shoreline and gaze over the great Pacific Ocean – north to picturesque Papagayo, or south toward the beautiful beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula. Parasailing is one of the best ways to safely experience free flight and doesn’t require any formal training or preparation. Simply call ahead or look for daily tours available on some of Costa Rica's most visited beaches.

Parasailing is popular in Manuel Antonio, on the central Pacific coast and on the north Pacific coast at Playa del Coco.

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