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Playa Chiquita

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2014

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Small waves push the crisp transparent blue waters over the cream-colored sands of Playa Chiquita, changing them to a pale bronze. This thin strip of sand runs from Playa Cocles all the way to Playa Manzanillo, barely keeping its head above the tides.

Quick Facts

Altitude : Sea level
Location : Playa Chiquita
Type : White sand
Popularity : visitors, nature lovers

Playa Chiquita's where the shade of coastal forest touches the Caribbean's fossilized coral reef.  Hundred-year old driftwood sinks into the sand beside clear, glass tidal pools. Off-shore, small waves curl over the live coral reef that acts as the birthing grounds for local marine life.

Playa Chiquita is one of Puerto Viejo's most natural beaches. The trees grow right up to the water's edge in some places making it one of the most private and secluded beaches. Simply find a trail leading to the beach from the main road and carve out your own niche for the day.

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