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  • cell phone in hands
 - Costa Rica

    Costa Rica's Evolving Technologies

    From high-speed Internet to 4G cell phone service, Costa Rica's communications have rapidly improved.

  • cell phone up close
 - Costa Rica

    Cell Phone Market Opens

    An open cell phone market equals great news for tourists and new arrivals.

  • skype call home
 - Costa Rica

    Options for International Calls

    Before moving to Costa Rica, my friends and family were very concerned with how we would keep in touch. I soon discovered that, thankfully, there were...

  • IMG 
 - Costa Rica

    Receiving Mail in Costa Rica

    New arrivals from the United States, Canada and Europe are often surprised that Costa Ricans do not rely heavily on the national postal system for ...

  • talking on cell
 - Costa Rica

    Getting a Prepaid Cell Phone

    At the start of 2010, ICE (Costa Rica’s Electricity Institute) rolled out the nation’s first prepaid cell phone service. Dubbed Kolbi Prepago, the ...

  • huawei cell phone
 - Costa Rica

    Cell Phone Service Options

    Cells phones are extremely popular in Costa Rica. The government telecommunications monopoly maintains three cell phone systems: TDMA, GSM, and 3G -- ...

  • using cell phone
 - Costa Rica

    Cell Phone Savvy: How to Use A Cell

    Walk down any street in Costa Rica, and you'll see people chatting on cell phones, texting friends, or surfing the Internet with a 3G connection. Cell...

  • cell phone up close
 - Costa Rica

    How to Get a Cell Phone

    Cell phones are very popular in Costa Rica, though the service costs more than a fixed land line. There are three ways for foreigners to obtain a cell...

  • img 
 - Costa Rica

    You've got mail

    Costa Rica's telecommunications industry is rapidly evolving as more people go online for both work and play. If your computer is your lifeline, there...



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