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Eating Alone in Costa Rica

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might end up eating your words.

By Emma |  Nov 25, 2014

 - Costa Rica

Nosara Yoga: Switching the Channel

Relaxing and rejuvenating are easier when you're stretching out on a Balinese-imported chair beside the salt-water pool next to Guanacaste trees and pink flowers at the Nosara Yoga Village. It's not that relaxation can't happen in other places - but rather, it comes with a bit more simplicity during an R&R (relax and rejuvenate) retreat at the Nosara Yoga Institute.

By Emma |  Nov 22, 2014

 - Costa Rica

Riding a bus to Sierpe in Costa Rica

Aside from the lack of A/C and language barrier, riding a bus in Costa Rica was a moderately comfortable experience, no different than taking a bus, or other public transportation, somewhere in the states.

By Samantha Clinton |  Nov 20, 2014

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