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Ten Things to do on the beach in Manuel Antonio

Espadilla is Manuel Antonio's most popular beach and the best kind of tourist trap, the kind where locals sell fresh coconuts to lobster-skinned travelers and you never have to leave your lounge chair to order a drink.

By Ryan Van Velzer |  Feb 02, 2015

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Eating Alone in Costa Rica

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might end up eating your words.

By Emma |  Nov 25, 2014

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Nosara Yoga: Switching the Channel

Relaxing and rejuvenating are easier when you're stretching out on a Balinese-imported chair beside the salt-water pool next to Guanacaste trees and pink flowers at the Nosara Yoga Village. It's not that relaxation can't happen in other places - but rather, it comes with a bit more simplicity during an R&R (relax and rejuvenate) retreat at the Nosara Yoga Institute.

By Emma |  Nov 22, 2014

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