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Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2013

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Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas Snapshot

Summary: Big waves and six miles of gorgeous coastline; secluded location with easy access to Jaco.
Landscape: Beaches, Transitional Forest
Attractions: Carara National Park, Nesting Sea Turtles, Surf
Activities: Adventure Tours, Sport Fishing, Surfing
Caters to: Budget Travelers, Independent Travelers, Surfers

Epic waves are Playa Hermosa’s main attraction; here, surfers can indulge in one of the biggest beach breaks on the country’s Pacific coast. Gorgeous scenery and proximity to Jaco make Hermosa an excellent destination for beach lovers in search of convenience coupled with peace and quiet.

Quick Facts

Location: 3 miles south of Jaco
Average Temperature: 71-90° F
Altitude: Sea level

Photo Gallery

jaco shoreline

Waves at Playa Hermosa are not for the faint of heart, so beginners are advised to head to Jaco, where experienced instructors help novices conquer tamer surf. For serious wave aficionados, Hermosa’s scene can’t be beat: towering waves break approximately 12 feet from shore, and the beach is dotted with small restaurants and hotels that cater to surfers.

Playa Hermosa hosts an annual surf competition that attracts thousands of fans. In 2009, it hosted the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games, the largest international surf competition in Costa Rica’s history. Familiar faces from 36 nations competed, helping attract attention to Playa Hermosa’s excellent surf and picturesque location.

For sun lovers, the six-mile black sand shore is a beautiful escape from the ordinary. Due to its secluded location, Playa Hermosa is less crowded than its neighbors, offering visitors a chance to stroll peacefully along silken sands. There are no banks or ATMs along the beach, though some local hotels and restaurants accept credit cards. Travelers looking for nightlife and additional amenities should head north to the popular party town of Jaco.

Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas Travel Guide

Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas Travel Guide

Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas Weather

Current Conditions

Partly sunny
84°F (28°C)
Partly sunny
Humidity 73 %
Barometer 29.83 in/Hg
Visibility 10 mi
Wind 9 mph S

» 15-Day Forecast

Today's Tides

Time High Low
12:00 a.m. 8.00 ft. (2.44 m.)
06:06 a.m. 2.52 ft. (0.77 m.)
12:19 p.m. 8.69 ft. (2.65 m.)
06:43 p.m. 1.83 ft. (0.56 m.)

» Two-Week Tide Forecast

Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas Map

Living in Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas

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