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Cost of Living

Expats interested in simple living should budget $1500 or less monthly.

Residency Overview

If you plan on moving to Costa Rica, review the steps to becoming a legal resident.

Working in Costa Rica

The realities and requirements for foreign residents to work in Costa Rica.

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    Ambulance Services

    An overview of public and private ground and air ambulance services in Costa Rica.

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 - Costa Rica

    Applying for Residency

    From start to finish the residency process can take the better part of a year.

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    Assisted Living Communities

    Independent, assisted living and nursing care facilities are affordable in Costa Rica.

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    Auto Expenses

    Owning a car in can be a costly undertaking; both gas and registration are expensive.

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    Bringing Pets

    Bringing a cat or dog to Costa Rica is a simple process as there is no quarantine period.

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    Cell Phones

    Costa Rica currently supports 3G and GSM technologies, and cell phones are easy to obtain.

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    Clubs & Organizations

    Get involved with various social clubs and service organizations in Costa Rica.

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 - Costa Rica

    Cost of Living

    Expats interested in simple living should budget $1500 or less monthly.

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    Costa Rica's Education System

    Costa Rica's education system is rated one of the best in all of Latin America.

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    Courier Services

    Options for sending letters and packages within Costa Rica.

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