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Last Updated: Sep 30, 2013

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With your feet dangling like a kid at the dinner table, Manuel Antonio stretches out below you as you fly 600 feet above the Pacific Ocean. Parasailing is an oddly tranquil experience. Besides the sound of the wind, the pervasive silence makes you feel like you're starring in a silent movie watching the world spin around you.


  • 15 minutes in the air

  • Fly out around the archipelago off Espadilla Beach

  • Spectacular views of Manuel Antonio

  • Fit for all ages


Location : Espadilla Beach
Hours : 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Telephone : 2777-9192
Price : $75 single; $130 Tandem

The ride starts on the beach. Taking off is as easy as strapping in and walking forward. The boat does all the work.   Walk forward as the line pulls taut and the parachute inflates behind you. Keep walking until you ascend on the invisible escalator high into the air above the beach.

A single, taut line traces back to the boat, nothing more than a dot against the vast blue waters of the Pacific. Along the 15-minute journey, you circle around the islands off the coast of Espadilla Beach taking in the best views Manuel Antonio has to offer.

Landing is even easier than taking off. Simply float down into the water, unhook yourself from the parachute and wait for the Jet Ski to pick you up.

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Aguas Azules
Local: 506-2777-9192/8366-0227

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