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When To Visit When to Visit - Costa Rica

Get a detailed snapshot of what's hot when in every region of the country.

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- Costa Rica

The local currency is the colon, though U.S. dollars are accepted in most tourist areas.

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- Costa Rica

Be prepared with our ultimate packing list of tried and tested travel items.

Useful Info

Country Overview

Details on the climate, language, transportation, holidays and communication system.

Tipping in Costa Rica

A suggested tipping guide for travelers in Costa Rica.

Slang & Idioms

Costa Rica is home to a rich variety of expressions, street slang and unique vocabulary.

Travel Articles

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 - Costa Rica

    10 Interesting Facts

    Learn more about Costa Rica with these ten fascinating facts.

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 - Costa Rica

    10 Wildlife Photography Tips

    Follow these simple tips to turn an average shot into a spectacular photograph.

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 - Costa Rica

    5 Travel Mistakes

    Set yourself up for a stress-free holiday by steering clear of these travel mistakes.

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 - Costa Rica

    Airlines Serving Costa Rica

    Many major airlines serve Costa Rica’s two international airports in San Jose and Liberia.

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 - Costa Rica

    All-inclusive Resorts

    For a stress-free vacation, book a stay at one of Costa Rica's all-inclusive resorts.

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 - Costa Rica

    Arenal vs. Monteverde

    How can you compare the mists of the Monteverde cloud forest to the cooled magma of the Arenal...

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 - Costa Rica

    Backpacking Tips

    Backpacking can be both enjoyable and easy on the wallet if you follow a few basic tips.

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 - Costa Rica

    Banking & Currency

    The local currency is the colon, though U.S. dollars are accepted in most tourist areas.

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 - Costa Rica

    Bus Schedules

    Bus schedules to popular tourist destinations throughout Costa Rica.

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 - Costa Rica

    Business Hours

    Many businesses close from 12-1 p.m., for the traditional Latin America siesta.

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Featured Destination

  • ffef ca  cfe feac
- Costa Rica Jaco

    Jaco's dark chocolate sands, lively surf and sunshine fill the days, but it's the bars, ...

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