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Tipping in Costa Rica

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2015

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In Spanish, the word propina means tip. Tipping is always a personal choice, and visitors are encouraged to tip an amount they find appropriate. The level of service and your budget are important factors as well. Below is a suggested tipping guide for your travels in Costa Rica. We encourage you to reward guides and service professionals based on their performance.

Airport Sky Cap $1 or $2 per bag
Bartender 50 cents to $1 per drink
Beach/pool attendant $2
Bellhop $1 per bag
Boat Driver $2- $4
Fishing Guide/Captain $30-$50 per day
Hairstylist/Manicurist $2-$4
Maid service in hotel $2 per day; it’s helpful to leave your biggest tip on the first day to ensure excellent service.
Massage Therapist 15% of the value of the massage or spa treatment
Parking lot attendants $1- $2 for two to three hours
Private Drivers $10 half day and $15-$20 full day
Room Service Attendant 10% of the meal value
Scuba Diving Tour $10 per two-tank dive
Taxi Driver For short distances, rounding up to the next dollar is appreciated. For longer hauls, $1-$5 extra depending on the length of the trip
Tour Bus Driver $5-$10 (for an all-day tour)
Tour Guide $3-$10 per person depending on the size of the group
Waiter/Waitress In all mid-range and upscale restaurants, 10% service is already included in the check; an extra 10% is appreciated if the service was exceptional
Whitewater Rafting Guide $5-$10 per person for an all-day tour
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