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Red-Eyed Tree Frogs

The strikingly colored red-eyed tree frog is also called the gaudy leaf frog.

White-faced Monkeys

Capuchin monkeys are widely recognized as the most intelligent New World monkey.

Scarlet Macaws

Costa Rica’s macaw has scarlet-colored plumage with light blue accents on their tails.

Wildlife Sightings

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 - Costa Rica

    American Crocodiles

    The American crocodile can be seen gliding along lowland rivers or sunning on muddy banks.

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 - Costa Rica


    Costa Rica has three anteater species which inhabit rainforest and grassland habitats.

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    Baird's Tapirs

    A Baird’s tapir looks like a cross between a rhinoceros, horse and elephant.

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    Basilisk Lizards

    Three basilisk lizard species -- common, brown and emerald -- live in Costa Rica.

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 - Costa Rica


    Of the approximate 1,100 bat species on Earth, 110 of them are found in Costa Rica.

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 - Costa Rica

    Blue Jeans Poison Dart Frogs

    The tiny blue jeans poison dart frog is one of Costa Rica’s most iconic amphibians.

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 - Costa Rica

    Blue-Crowned Motmots

    The blue-crowned motmot is the most common of the six species living in Costa Rica.

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 - Costa Rica

    Boat-Billed Herons

    The boat-billed heron is a solitary species found in mangrove swamps and near freshwater.

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 - Costa Rica

    Brown Pelicans

    The world's smallest pelican species, this bird is common on Costa Rica's Pacific coast.

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 - Costa Rica


    Costa Rica’s butterfly species make up approximately 90% of all Central American butterflies.

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