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    Costa Rica has three anteater species which inhabit rainforest and grassland habitats.

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    Baird's Tapirs

    A Baird’s tapir looks like a cross between a rhinoceros, horse and elephant.

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    Of the approximate 1,100 bat species on Earth, 110 of them are found in Costa Rica.

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    White-nosed coatimundis, known locally as pizotes, are a member of the raccoon family.

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    Collared Peccaries

    Collared peccaries are mostly vegetarian, and their diets vary greatly throughout the year.

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    Approximately 25 whale and dolphin species inhabit Costa Rica's oceans.

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    Howler Monkeys

    Named for their throaty howls, howler monkeys are the loudest of all New World monkeys.

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    The rare and elusive jaguar is the largest of Central American carnivores.

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    This arboreal mammal is known as the honey bear, due to its proclivity for flower nectar.

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    Primarily tree-dwelling, the margay is Costa Rica's second-smallest wildcat.

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